41) Solitude

I’m here in this land of supposed opportunities.
Landed here with a mild feeling of leaving home
I was reaching out to new places with my face in a gleam.
Things got me busy but my mind was full of uncertainties.

I never really missed home to say the least,
Coz I had and I made many friends all around me.
Being with them, I was the best I could be.
Somehow I felt that all of this was a silent test.

I’m proud that I have a good bunch of friends with me,
ones who’ve supported me in several of my tough times.

Parents are the best friends for you
coz their love for you is unfathomable.
In this distant land, for me, friends take their place
This I say, coz they are equally capable.

As I say, I’ve placed myself in the comfort of their hands.
I’m safe in those hands, strung by the bonds on friendship

Misfortune strikes and this unfortunate incident occurs.
I felt scared, I felt lonely, I felt uncared for…It pained.
I was like this small child who was left alone in darkness.
Felt the strands of friendship snapping and I was falling headlong.

I realized that I was hurt and felt that I was left uncared.
It pained me all the more when it dawned on me that,
my mother couldn’t do anything for me as she was away.
I cried out a wail of sorrow…but sadly no one responded.

I guess, that’s how life goes on…Its me and me alone
This is solitude at its best {:-)

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